Welcome to the Veronese factory of encapsulation! Can you imagine a future in which all companies produce without residues and microplastics? We do, and we are working on it.

The origin: Nature.

We are the first Italian Biotech company dedicated exclusively to research and development in the field of sustainable encapsulation. Here “to create” means to be inspired by the forms and compositions of Nature.

We have embarked on this major undertaking long before the Fridays For Future, simply because the green choice is today the only possible one. Since our time at the University, we have always combined science with the awareness that every business activity has an impact on the emerging future. The study of organic particles applies to an extremely large number of sectors: food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and animal nutrition.

Our philosophy

What we are good at: encapsulation.

Most industrial sectors have the same problem: the active ingredients used in manufacturing are degradable and easily oxidizable under certain conditions. This makes it necessary to develop strategies to increase stability and handling, and this is where our work starts. Encapsulation’s main purpose is getting the molecule intact and functioning to the consumer.

What is encapsulation?

From Nature onwards.

Inspiration comes from Nature.
The ideas and technologies come from us. We mix all our techniques to get the best out of the mechanisms and properties of substances, going well beyond Nature. We empower, improve and re-create, but the basis is always the same: 100% organic substances. The result is products that blend not only with the environment but also with your needs. This is due to the highest level of customization and the fact can take encapsulation to the next level, where anything is possible.

Our services