• Completeness

A complete service: customized formulation of micro and nanoencapsulates, proof-of-concept, simulated release and digestion, evaluation of the release dynamics, scale-up.

  • Flexibility

We offer a package of services customized according to the product that you intend to create or the issue that you need to solve. Often we work also providing only the simplest formulation, such as a series of analysis to evaluate the stability of an encapsulate and the substance present therein under specific conditions.

1. Research and Development.

Tailored encapsulation.


We start by listening to you. Based on your specific needs, requests and feedback, our R & D team begins to work on the formulation of your micro and nanoencapsulate: highly customized solutions and verified in terms of process efficiency, shelf life in the short and long term, morphological analysis.

2. Proof-of-concept

Simulating is believing.


From the stage of research and analysis we go to the feasibility study. The result is a series of the creation of “pilot-scale” encapsulates, taking into account their intended use, the time and place of release and other technical variables. Each prototype can be characterized in different ways and with varying costs, which you can choose from various options.


3. Industrial production

Scale-up of the process.


Sphera’s laboratory is also able to support you in the production on an industrial scale, with a consulting that will allow the scale-up process. We also work with partner companies in charge of managing the production on a large scale in all its phases.

4. Other

Tell us what you need.


Solutions and custom formulations in the different fields of biotechnology.

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