Encapsulation inspired by nature
Let's use technology to build a sustainable world
Sphera Encapsulation is the first Italian company dedicated 100% to research and development in encapsulation technologies. We were born as an innovative start-up, and attention to the environment and people emerges among our founding values. We offer sustainable formulations and give importance to the consumer's ethical choices by providing products that can truly improve a person's well-being.
Your solution
Custom and advanced encapsulation
Our core business is encapsulation, i.e., a set of approaches aimed at incorporating a substance within another that acts as a protective barrier. Thanks to this technology, we can obtain particles or capsules characterized by a diameter of approximately 1-1000 microns in the case of microencapsulation or less than 1000 microns when we are talking about nanoencapsulation.

A new cutting-edge technology in the world of encapsulation

Our specialties
Customized products for specific performance
Our laboratory is the heart of the activity, and experience and creativity create a perfect mix, giving excellent results: our 100% biodegradable microcapsules or microspheres. Each of our projects arises from a specific need: whether it is a problem we ask ourselves or a request from a customer, the goal is always to bring a new technology onto the market.
Technologies tested and validated across a broad range of industries
Successful collaborations.

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