Female entrepreneurship in the world of encapsulation: Sphera Encapsulation case

Encapsulation is a constantly evolving technology that offers multiple benefits in different industries, from food to pharmaceuticals. In this area, Martina Vakarelova and Francesca Zanoni founded their female-run company.

Sphera Encapsulation: from start-up to leader in encapsulation

Sphera Encapsulation was born thanks to the support of the University of Verona in 2016 as an innovative Start-Up in the encapsulation sector.

Eng. Martina Vakarelova, who began her Ph.D. in 2014 specializing in micro-encapsulation techniques of microalgae extracts for the development of functional foods, had the opportunity to participate in various workshops and courses focused on the world of encapsulation and decided to open her project.

The company’s co-founder, Dr. Francesca Zanoni, initially turned her attention to the study of nano-encapsulation technologies for carotenoid mixtures. Given the results obtained from her studies, she decided to extend her stay in the research group by also carrying out her doctorate, which would lead to developing an innovative technology for the nano-encapsulation of lipophilic compounds

Martina and Francesca then began to shape the idea of Sphera as a company offering encapsulation services.

Advanced encapsulation technologies and Sphera AQ

Sphera’s encapsulation technologies are used to protect, isolate, or improve the dispersion of active ingredients. A successful example is the SpherAQ technology, which produces high-quality encapsulated products that are soluble in water and ready for consumption without adding any aroma or excipients. It allows Sphera to respond to the critical issues of bioavailability related to lipophilic ingredients like oils.

The approach proposed by SpherAQ is 100% natural, capable of masking flavors and odors, and suitable for encapsulating any lipophilic molecule, offering more excellent protection in terms of shelf life and protection from exposure to light, oxygen, and temperature.

Sphera Encapsulation also uses cutting-edge technologies for encapsulation, such as spray drying, coacervation, fluidized bed, spray chilling, ionotropic gelation, and nano-encapsulation, which protect the active ingredients from oxidation and deterioration. Thanks to these techniques, the company can offer high-quality, long-lasting products suitable for all needs.

The company also has a strong focus on the world of sustainability. Its production uses 100% biodegradable materials, thus committing itself to improving the environmental impact of this sector. Using natural materials for encapsulation becomes an advantage for companies that want to integrate this technique into their production, even at an industrial level, with more sustainable solutions.


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Sphera Encapsulation: encapsulation in Verona


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Sphera Encapsulation: a success in the world of female entrepreneurship

Sphera Encapsulation is a successful example of female entrepreneurship. Martina Vakarelova and Francesca Zanoni have been able to innovate and create customized solutions for the market thanks to their vision and determination. This has allowed them to build a successful company in the encapsulation sector that has been appreciated internationally.

This company represents a virtuous example of female entrepreneurship in the encapsulation world. Thanks to their expertise and passion, women entrepreneurs have demonstrated that talent has no gender and that determination can lead to success.

Sphera Encapsulation: encapsulation services in Verona

Sphera Encapsulation can offer fully customizable services in the encapsulation sector, following the project from the concept and prototype phase to the production of the final product.

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