Microencapsulation for the agrochemical sector

Natural solutions for soil sustenance

Product effectiveness, safety, and sustainability are the new keywords in the agrochemical sector. This constantly evolving area requires developing new ecological solutions for the environment. Encapsulation technologies have been applied to this sector for some time but often involve the use of synthetic materials which, after being applied to the ground, accumulate in the aquifers, undermining their safety. For example, many herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers risk ruining the soil and water by releasing toxic and polluting substances. A second influential problem for agricultural activities is that the plant can absorb only small quantities of product compared to those supplied, thus generating enormous waste.

To overcome these problems, Sphera is committed to developing encapsulation solutions based on natural and plant-based polymers capable of prolonging release and increasing bioavailability in the plant. All are always in line with the extreme attention to respect for the environment and in promoting the safe use of the product.