A new technology

SpherAQ®: cutting edge in the world of encapsulation

SpherAQ® is a unique technology that encapsulates lipophilic molecules, making them soluble in water and ready for consumption without adding flavoring or excipients.

This innovative technology, developed by Sphera Encapsulation, allows us to overcome the significant problems related to the bioavailability of lipophilic ingredients, such as oils. When we talk about these molecules, the first problem that comes to mind is their low bioavailability, insolubility in water, and poor stability over time.


How does SpherAQ® work?

Our technology allows us to produce a physical barrier between the active ingredient and the external environment, thus protecting it, for example, from highly acidic conditions of the stomach, from the action of metabolic enzymes, and also allowing for more straightforward incorporation into finished products and higher stability under normal processing conditions (e.g., temperature, homogenization, and presence of oxidizing substances).

Also, SpherAQ® can mask flavors and odors, is 100% natural, and is suitable for encapsulating any lipophilic molecule, making it easy to incorporate into products such as foods and drinks. In vivo, studies have demonstrated increased absorption of encapsulated actives using SpherAQ® technology: a longer shelf life and increased protection from exposure to light, oxygen, and temperature.

SpherAQ® optimizes the performance of nutraceutical solutions

SpherAQ® optimizes the performance of nutraceutical solutions. One success story was Sphera's collaboration with the nutraceuticals business of Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health). Thanks to SpherAQ® technology applied to turmeric root extract, new levels of excellence have been achieved.

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