SpherAQ are high-quality encapsulates, totally soluble in water, that can be consumed without the addition of any flavors or aromas – a cutting-edge technology developed by Sphera Encapsulation in order to overcome the major challenges related to the intake of bio-active lipophilic ingredients, such as oils. The main point that has been addressed when it comes to this type of molecules are their scarce bioavailability, the insolubility in water and the low stability. Our technology enables us to produce a real barrier between the active ingredient and the external environment, protecting it from the harsh condition of the gastric media, from the action of metabolic enzymes, making the molecules easy to handle and very stable to temperature and oxidation.

Totally tasteless and odorless, 100% natural and water-soluble, our encapsulates can hold any lipophilic ingredient, making it easy to incorporate in any product- from food to beverages, they can be even taken directly as a supplement. In vivo studies on different ingredients encapsulated with this system have confirmed an increased bioavailability and a supreme protection of the active ingredients inside SpherAQ.

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