Food Ingredients Europe 2023: the future of food encapsulation

At the end of 2023 we had the pleasure of participating in Food Ingredients Europe, held in Frankfurt from 28 to 30 November. This prestigious event, also known as Fi Europe, represents a crucial meeting point for professionals in the food and beverage sector, offering the opportunity for us at Sphera Encapsulation to present our encapsulation technologies and establish significant connections in the global landscape of food additives.


Fi Food Ingredients Europe: encapsulation trends in food and nutraceuticals

Fi Food Ingredients Europe, organized by Informa Markets, is a crucial platform for networking and showcasing innovations in food additives. This annual event is renowned for its ability to bring together suppliers and buyers from around the world in the food industry. The fair offers a showcase for the latest innovations, creating a fertile environment for exchanging ideas and discovering new products and services.

In this context, we presented our encapsulation company to show new technologies and innovative solutions for this specific sector.

Furthermore, the annual rotation of the fair between different European cities allows for a global impact, an opportunity for us at Sphera Encapsulation to explore other markets, consolidating our presence internationally.


The participation of Sphera Encapsulation as a representative in the food encapsulation sector

During the fair, we took the opportunity to stand out as an innovative company in the startup lounge. This allowed us to meet and listen to the needs of the food market, discuss new projects planned for 2024, and strengthen partnerships with our collaborators. The fair offers the opportunity to cover a wide range of topics, such as:

  • natural ingredients
  • preservatives
  • aromas
  • enzymes and much more

We showcased our main encapsulation techniques and microencapsulation technologies, which can respond to many food and beverage industry needs.

The positive response from people we saw at our stand highlighted considerable interest in our encapsulation technologies.

The highlights of the experience at Fi Europe 2023 were therefore:

  • meetings with existing clients for future projects
  • strengthening partnerships with collaborators
  • positive response and growing interest in food encapsulation technologies


Spera Encapsulation: solutions for food encapsulation


Fi Food Ingredients Europe: networking and conferences also in the food encapsulation sector

In addition to the exhibition, Fi Food Ingredients Europe offers a vital networking opportunity with professional conferences and discussion panels. Industry experts share their knowledge and insights, providing a valuable opportunity for anyone involved in the research, development, production, and sales of food additives.

The fair, therefore, allowed us to:

  • build fruitful meetings with industry experts
  • create fruitful conversations for new partnerships
  • share the latest innovations for the world of microencapsulation
  • delve into market trends

Conclusions and future perspectives for food encapsulation

Sphera Encapsulation‘s participation at Fi Food Ingredients Europe 2023 marked a significant step in promoting encapsulation technologies. The interest generated during the event and the connection with new customers have strengthened Sphera’s position as an innovative leader in the sector. Therefore, we look to the future enthusiastically, confident that this experience will contribute to shaping a new image for encapsulation in Verona and the entire panorama of food additives.

Sphera Encapsulation is committed to shaping the future of encapsulation.

New projects, partnerships, and opportunities are in sight.

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