Nutraceutical microencapsulation

Natural prevention for the health of our body

Nutraceuticals are food derivatives that benefit human health by preventing and treating specific pathologies. These components can be derived from plants, animals, minerals, and microorganisms from which they are extracted, concentrated, and used in different forms, such as powders, tablets, opercula, and granules.
To obtain a preparation that contains the concentrated active ingredient, these ingredients must be extracted from the original matrix. This often leads to the ingredient's quality loss as it is exposed to contact with oxygen or extreme conditions. Furthermore, the extraction process could highlight organoleptic characteristics such as flavor and odor that are unpleasant for the consumer.

How do we solve these problems?
Thanks to the application of targeted encapsulation technologies, it is possible to protect the molecule and make it suitable for final consumption. Furthermore, our technologies can also be exploited to increase the bioavailability of the active by allowing a controlled release at the absorption site of the same. Of particular interest in increasing bioavailability is the SpherAQ® technology.