Our specialties

Customized products for specific performance

Our laboratory is the heart of the activity, and experience and creativity create a perfect mix, giving excellent results: our microcapsules, or microspheres, are 100% biodegradable.
Each of our projects arises from a specific need: whether a market need or a customer request, the goal is always to introduce a new technology.

From concept to patent

The phases of the project


Tailor-made solutions from scratch.

Do you want to create an innovative product but still need to develop the exact ideas? We at Sphera can follow you throughout the entire brainstorming process to design and build the product you are looking for.
Starting from your business objectives or intuition, we will formulate the best way to add value to your existing products or create entirely new ones. From idea to design, know-how to marketing, we invent a competitive technological solution ready to be placed on the market .
Research and development

From the idea to the prototype.

Feasibility studies and prototyping are the first things we dedicate ourselves to when we start a project. We listen to your ideas, objectives, and the needs that your ingredients and materials may present. How do your molecules behave in different situations? What do they need to protect it from - heat or acidity? How can we ensure that they are released when needed?
We evaluate different technical approaches and test many formulations, creating laboratory-scale prototypes (30-50 g). I campioni, dopo una fase di analisi e caratterizzazione, vengono inviati insieme a un report tecnico. After an analysis and characterization phase, the samples are sent to you with a complete technical report. We then decide which stability studies to perform: stress tests, release studies, simulated digestion for nutraceuticals and foods, cellular studies, and more. Once the ideal solution has been found, we move on to the pilot production of microcapsules and microspheres and then to industrialization.
Pilot production

Just before the perfect solution.

After carefully evaluating the results obtained with the prototypes, we select and optimize the winning approaches to prepare for the pilot phase. What is it about? It is the pre-industrial production phase: a sort of ultimate "test" with which we refine all the parameters and verify the validity of the processes for industrialization. Thanks to the systems, technologies, and our collaborations, we can prepare the pilot phase with a production of microcapsules and microspheres ranging from 2 to 25 kg, following all the procedures of large-scale production. This allows us to test the entire process in natural conditions and to check how the formulation behaves within a context other than the laboratory.
The industrialization process

Here comes your product

Once the testing phase is concluded - and all your requests have been satisfied - the formulation moves on to the industrialization process, in which we can reproduce all laboratory techniques on a large scale. But more importantly, we can support you should you choose to bring nano and microencapsulated manufacturing into your facilities. Here, we transfer the right know-how to your team to manage all processes.
In the case of entirely innovative technologies, we guarantee assistance in all phases of creating the product line and finding the most effective, easy, and profitable solution for your business. Our entire team has always aimed for unique and competitive products on the market: this is the result.
Patents and licenses

Technological quality at the service of everyone.

You can choose to be the exclusive user of a new technology, thus differentiating yourself from competitors and guaranteeing the uniqueness of your product. We carry out the large-scale production of our microcapsules and microspheres at a company chosen by the customer (third-party manufacturer) or at the customer's production site.

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