Sphera Encapsulation : innovative encapsulation in Verona

The Veronese company, dedicated mainly to microencapsulation and food encapsulation, is renewing its image!

Sphera Encapsulation presents a new website with all the updates regarding technologies, solutions, and offers in the encapsulation world.

Here, you can find detailed information on our activities, particularly our specialization, and all direct contacts to our Team!

Would you like to know more? Read this article, and we will explain who Sphera Encapsulation is.

A micro and nanoencapsulation company designed to respond to new market needs

Our company produces micro and nanocapsules for active ingredients such as flavors, vitamins, salts, and other components for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Thanks to our experience in encapsulation, we can offer high-quality products and customized solutions for every market request. In this way, we can optimize, improve, or produce specific products that respond to new market demands.

sphera encapsulation

Sphera Encapsulation: encapsulation in Verona

Natural encapsulation for a sustainable future

We are the first Italian company to specialize in the research and development of encapsulation technologies, and our core business is the integration of innovative technologies with particular attention to environmental sustainability. In fact, we offer sustainable solutions and innovative 100% biodegradable products. We have developed encapsulation technologies that allow us to produce capsules with specific and controlled properties.

Encapsulation of active ingredients for foods

One of the sectors in which Sphera has outstanding results is linked to food encapsulation. In the food industry, there is an increasing demand for solutions capable of integrating active ingredients, nutrients, and organic solutions into foods or drinks. All without affecting or altering the flavor, appearance, or composition of the food.

So why encapsulate?
  • Encapsulated active ingredients are protected from oxidation, thermal denaturation, or extreme pH conditions.
  • Encapsulated ingredients are designed for controlled and gradual release.
  • Ingredients with unpleasant flavors or odors are masked thanks to encapsulation.

Sphera develops innovative solutions and formulations using natural polymers and technologies such as:

Sphera has also developed SpherAQ® and FloraSpher™ technologies, which are ideally suited to encapsulation for food products.

A new image for Sphera Encapsulation

In recent months, we have worked to create a new recognizable and modern coordinated image capable of communicating the experience and quality of Sphera Encapsulation in its graphic design.

The new site becomes a portal to learn more about microencapsulation, food encapsulation, and all the advanced encapsulation technologies helpful in developing your personal project.

From design to prototype study, up to development and reference certifications, we manage and support all the work on encapsulation projects.

If you are looking for customized solutions for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us! Fill out the form on this page to request more information.


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