A technology with infinite possibilities

FloraSpher™ the encapsulation solution for functional products

FloraSpher™ is an encapsulation technology that allows all botanical extracts characterized by poor solubility in water to be easily dispersed in aqueous media. This encapsulation makes it easier to handle and include these extracts in finished products such as biscuits, crackers, snacks, and meat preparations, thus increasing the possibility of creating different functional products. 

Another critical application of this technology is in the improvement of the flowability of powders. Powder flow is essential in many different aspects of the bulk handling industry and in optimizing the powder flow properties in capsule filling applications.

Sustainable and biodegradable encapsulation

The encapsulation is carried out using only natural and vegan materials. In several studies, we have shown that in addition to the increase in dispersibility in water, the presence of the external polymer gives the possibility of extending the stability of the product and masking some attributes such as taste and odor, also increasing its effectiveness. The first molecule developed is rosemary extract, but there are many possibilities for this technology.

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